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We carry multiple manufacturers to give you a wide selection of homes to choose from!
As you look through each manufacturer, home only pricing will be displayed.
Please call for homes available on our sales lot.


This means the pricing you see is only for the home. Not including delivery, set, skirting, or any other add ons. Please call for a full quote on your desired home.


Clayton Waycross
Champion Homes of Dresden

Financing Companies

21st Mortgage Financing:

Accepts All Credit Scores
Can do Home only OR Land/Home

With Dealer # 2248.1

Triad Financial:

620+ Credit Score
Land/Home only

with Dealer Mobile Homes Direct

We (the dealer) cannot assist with the loan. We can answer any questions you may have but cannot help you fill out the loan. The banks are independent finance sources.
You are also welcome to use the Bank of your choice.

Mobile Homes Direct is a family owned company that was started to help other families to buy affordable homes. Let me help you get a place you can call home!

We offer single-wide and double-wide manufactured homes that are straight from the factory to your lot.  All of our homes meet federal codes, which assures strength and durability, fire resistance, energy efficiency, and quality.

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