Factory Homes at Factory Prices


  • All prices are subject to change.  
  • These prices are base prices and do not include any upgrades, delivery, or taxes.  
  • Additional transportation costs will be added depending upon the location of your lot.  
  • Taxes will vary depending upon which state these homes are being delivered to.
  • We do not set-up the homes but can refer companies that do just depending upon your area.  A local set-up company will need to be contracted to set it up.
  • We  have several companies we work with that are licensed in various states.

Clayton Tru

The Dempsey               $50,995

The Pep                        $53,995

The Steal I                    $56,995

The Lewis                     $63,995

The Spectacular          $70,995


The Excitement             $ 73,995

The Satisfaction            $ 77,995

The Thrill                        $ 82,995

The Marvel                    $ 83,995

The Jubilation               Temporarily Unavailable

The Pride                       $ 95,995

The Triumph                 $ 106,995

Clayton Waycross

Lewis $ 71,995

Clark $ 73,995

The Tide $ 77,995

Odyssey/FLEX $ 83,995

The Mariner $ 83,995


Drake $ 92,995

Boone $ 103,995

Explorer $ 104,995

Safari $ 124,995

Summit $ 143,995

Scotbilt : Temporarily Unavailable

*Custom Built Homes*

Home Run Series

Yankee (2848229HRN)

Dodger (2856215HRN)

Cardinal (2868212HRN)

the Big Bang (2876322HRN)

Ranger (3272228HRN)

Grand Slam Series

Brave (2452344GSM)

Ruth (2456341GSM)

Astro (2848302GSM)

City Royal (2852321GSM)

The Met (2856256GSM)

Philly (2862306GSM)

National (2876396GSM)

The Merlin (2876271GSM)

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